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There’s a lot going on and they are a big help to us

Sue Waterhouse, Receptionist, The Deep Business Centre, 2017

[My Apprenticeship] has helped me excel in my career and has given me the determination to better myself, my skills and my knowledge

Oliwia Dongowska, Service Co-Ordinator Apprentice, Siemens Gamensa, 2017

[An Apprenticeship] is the best route to take if you want to reach your full potential and gain the most experience on the career path you wish to take

Sophie Freer, Apprentice Teaching Assistant, Holme Valley Primary School, 2017

I am glad I made the decision to complete an Apprenticeship, as it has given me the chance to progress within the business and better myself with further training and courses

Danielle Garton, Adult Apprentice, 2015

If you feel unsure of how to get yourself on to the job ladder, doing an Apprenticeship could all be the start of a future career

Jess Brown, Teaching Assistant Apprentice, 2015

I believe it is our duty as employers and indeed seniors to pass on our knowledge and guidance to any young person who is willing to learn. Young people are our future; we must invest in that future to survive

Neil Stewart, Managing Director at GDS, 2015

Anyone thinking of doing an Apprenticeship should go for it, if you’re not 100% academic and more practical then it’s the perfect option

Nathan Stapley, Teaching Assistant Apprentice, 2015

Don’t be worried if this is your first work role, an Apprenticeship is a great opportunity to learn all of the basics and to get a grip of your job role

Lucy Jessop, Advanced Administration Apprentice, 2015