Beat the Bullies - The Big March

Bullying is a form of abuse and can happen to anyone of any age. The 15th-19th of November was Anti Bullying Week. It kicked off with "The Big March" on the 15th November where avatars of people who support the campaign, including those of celebrities, took to a...

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Santa is on the Naughty List When it Comes to Health and Safety

Health and Safety campaigners from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, say that Santa is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to youngsters. They are proposing to give Santa a 'make over' to ensure that his influence on public health is a positive one. The campaigners claim that Santa's belly that...

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Women Will Work the Rest of the Year for Free

The gender pay gap means that women will effectively work the rest of the year for free, equality campaigners claim.

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Christmas Puzzles

Brain Teaser

Father Christmas decided to go on a summer holiday to Hawaii. He arrived on Friday, stayed for three nights and left on Friday. How did he do this?
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Angela King - Case Study

Angela King works for the City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) within the Health Promotion Team at Conifer House. She decided to do an Adult Apprenticeship in order to gain the necessary qualifications to progress...

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