It's Time to Talk About Suicide

A life is lost through suicide every two hours in the UK but suicidal thoughts and feeling affect thousands of us every single day.

The #TalkSuicide...

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Raising Money for Charity

Since the last newsletter, we have done a few fundraising activities. Our most recent was supporting the rugby team of the son of our Learning and Development Manager, Amy, to try and raise funds for their kit. We begrudgingly waded our way through a mountain of buns, sweets and chocolates to help...

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Smoking - Help to Quit

When I Googled ‘help to quit smoking’ I was inundated with websites and adverts for every gum and patch ever created.
The fact is that...

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The Big Debate - do Liam Neeson's recent comments mean he is racist?

Liam’s recent comments have sparked so much controversy and debate around the globe, and within HBTC!

Recent weeks have been filled with a lot of news that spared much debate around racism. Last Monday the footballer Mohamed Salah was subjected to alleged racist abuse on the pitch....

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From Apprentices to Directors - marketing duo encourages Hull's aspiring creatives to follow in their footsteps

Back in 2011/2012 Courtney Wood completed her Apprenticeship through HBTC. So when Courtney got in touch to let us know that she and another ex-Apprentice...

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