Megan Dove

Megan left school after completing her GCSEs and approached HBTC regarding opportunities. Due to Megan’s limited prior work experience, HBTC identified that she would benefit from the Traineeship programme. A Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that is focused on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for. She was placed at The Deep Business Centre where she gained valuable experience in an administration and customer service role. Working in this supportive environment at The Deep, under the tutelage of Sue Waterhouse, Megan developed her confidence and learnt the basics of working in an office environment.

Megan Dove

After successful completion of her Traineeship at The Deep, Megan began to search for an Apprenticeship, to continue her development. She liked the idea of earning a wage whilst learning on the job. With the support of HBTC Megan secured a Business Administration Apprenticeship at Intertech Contracts UK Limited.

By her own admission Megan was apprehensive when she started the role and had a fear of answering the telephone. However, she developed quickly and eventually blossomed into a confident integral member of the team. Her manager, Wayne Tompkins, values the Apprenticeship scheme and what an Apprentice can bring to a business, stating;

“they can bring a youthful exuberance with a fresh outlook on current systems and business practices, quickly becoming an asset to your business.”

Since completing her Apprenticeship, Megan has secured permanent employment with Intertech Contracts UK Ltd as an Office Administrator. Megan says she loves her job and enjoys taking responsibility for complex tasks and has overcome her phobia of the telephone!

Megan recommends Apprenticeships to others, who are looking to develop on the job. She says;

“If you pay attention and are interested in the business, you can go a really long way.”

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Chris Dolman


Strategic Development Manager