Megan Ward

Megan Ward decided during her first year of 6th Form College that it wasn’t for her and that she would like to pursue an Apprenticeship. She approached HBTC in 2016 to help her secure an Apprenticeship opportunity. With the help of HBTC, Megan successfully secured an Apprenticeship at GMP Compliance Ltd as an Administration Apprentice. GMP are a successful business who provide a support and consultancy service to the pharmaceutical and food supplement industry.


Megan and the GMP Compliance team at CPhi Worldwide

Megan embraced her Apprenticeship and quickly became a success, taking every opportunity to develop and learn with her role. She remembers when she began her Apprenticeship;

“When you first start an Apprenticeship your tasks can be basic, however it is important to remain positive and see the benefits of these early tasks. You must always keep in mind the bigger picture and the final goal.”


When Megan joined GMP she did not have any long term career aspirations. Megan completed her Intermediate Apprenticeship and progressed onto her Advanced Apprenticeship with the company. Her Apprenticeship at GMP Compliance has enabled her to develop and utilise her skills. Via her Apprenticeship she has gained valuable knowledge and now understands the vast range of activities that form the quality function within the business and offers a valuable contribution. Her job title is now Quality Coordinator and in the future she would like to become a Quality Manager.


Karen Ollett, Technical Manager at GMP and Megan’s Supervisor has been impressed with Megan’s development;

“Megan has had a positive attitude to every task and development opportunity she has been provided with. Megan has looked beyond the initial day to day tasks that she was given and has seen the opportunity these ultimately provided her with. Megan has gradually developed and is progressing into her chosen career and not just ‘a job’.”


Megan being interviewed for the Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards 2017/18

During Megan’s Apprenticeship she has had some fantastic experiences. She recently had the opportunity to travel to India for the world’s leading pharmaceutical platform CPhi Worldwide. During this trip she was able to experience different cultures and participate in the promotion of the business at a trade fair. She has also recently been interviewed by a film crew, as GMP were shortlisted for the Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards 2017/18, to discuss her growth within the company and her Apprenticeship. Megan is always willing to push herself out of her comfort zone to aid her development and support the business.


Karen Ollett would recommend other companies to consider recruiting Apprentices into their business.

“I can honestly say that our experience of recruiting an apprentice has been positive. As a business we have enjoyed our role of mentoring and developing our apprentice. Recruiting an Apprentice is an excellent opportunity for any business.”

Photo of Chris Dolman

Chris Dolman


Strategic Development Manager