Not in education or full-time employment? Want to start earning whilst still learning? Ever thought about an Apprenticeship?


What is an Apprenticeship and how do I get one?

This is your opportunity to gain job-specific skills by working as a full-time employee alongside experienced staff. An Apprenticeship is a framework of qualifications that includes a QCF Certificate or Diploma and Functional Skills in English and Mathematics. As an Apprentice, you will receive on and off the job training and your minimum salary will be £3.90 per hour. If you are aged 16-18 there are no fees to worry about as Apprenticeships are currently fully funded by the government. If you are 19 or over full funding may still be available so please get in touch to discuss with us your circumstances.

We offer the following Apprenticeships:

For more information please contact Molly or Mackauly on 01482 211714, apply for one of our Apprenticeship vacancies or register your interest by filling out our contact form.


Employed full-time? Want to gain qualifications?

We offer the following Intermediate Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships to those employed in positions that support their chosen framework:

  • Business Administration

  • Customer Service

  • IT Application Specialist

  • Social Media for Business

  • Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

  • Education and Training

For more information please contact Mackauly or Molly on 01482 211714, or register your interest by filling out our contact form.