When you first start an Apprenticeship your tasks can be basic, however it is important to remain positive and see the benefits of these early tasks. You must always keep in mind the bigger picture and the final goal

Megan Ward, Advanced Apprenticeship in Business Administration, 2018

I can honestly say that our experience of recruiting an apprentice has been positive. As a business we have enjoyed our role of mentoring and developing our apprentice. Recruiting an Apprentice is an excellent opportunity for any business

Karen Ollett, Technical Manager at GMP Compliance, 2018

It gives the opportunity to develop staff to help them in their businesses for the future

Christine Havler, The Parks Children’s Centre, 2018

Go for it, believe in yourself because if I can do it, anyone can!

Taryn Morgan, Teaching Assistant, Marfleet Primary School, 2018

When they come here they are learning skills as part of a team from the start and they are relied upon to deliver. We know it works because one of them got a job with one of our tenants!

Freya Cross, Corporate Manager at The Deep Business Centre, 2017

There’s a lot going on and they are a big help to us

Sue Waterhouse, Receptionist, The Deep Business Centre, 2017

[My Apprenticeship] has helped me excel in my career and has given me the determination to better myself, my skills and my knowledge

Oliwia Dongowska, Service Co-Ordinator Apprentice, Siemens Gamensa, 2017

[An Apprenticeship] is the best route to take if you want to reach your full potential and gain the most experience on the career path you wish to take

Sophie Freer, Apprentice Teaching Assistant, Holme Valley Primary School, 2017