Hard Work Paying Off for Apprentice Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson found HBTC on the internet whilst researching for jobs. She applied for one of our many Apprenticeship

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Gender Stereotypes

You may have recently seen on the news about Clarks committing to making their shoes ranges more gender neutral. This was due to the name that they gave the shoes and the backlash they had received from this. The shoe for girls was named ‘Dolly Babe’ and the boy’s version was...

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Healthy Eating

Hup, two, three! Hup, two, three!!

I’m sure none of us want to turn up at work to that chant, do we? More and more companies think it’s a good idea to get their staff fit, and also believe it prepares them for the working day if they have an exercise session first. I think...

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Founded in 1986, back then the children ringing ChildLine reported acts of sexual abuse, neglect and bullying inflicted on them by others. Move forward 30 years and the issues facing young people and children have certainly started to evolve. The 2015...

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Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking helps you to take a more creative...

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