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Bone Health

As a follow up to my last article on the sun and vitamin D I thought I might share with you some information on keeping your bones healthy with the food we eat.


Although our skeleton is out of sight, we shouldn’t keep it out of mind.

Strong and healthy bones...


[An Apprenticeship] is the best route to take if you want to reach your full potential and gain the most experience on the career path you wish to take

Sophie Freer , Apprentice Teaching Assistant, Holme Valley Primary School

[My Apprenticeship] has helped me excel in my career and has given me the determination to better myself, my skills and my knowledge

Oliwia Dongowska , Service Co-Ordinator Apprentice, Siemens Gamensa

There’s a lot going on and they are a big help to us

Sue Waterhouse , Receptionist, The Deep Business Centre